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Beach inspired books, photography, and art from a person who chased her dreams to live in a cottage At The Beach.

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This is who I am:

Making a dream come true

Many years ago I held a dream in my heart, I wanted to live at the beach. In 2008 I made that dream come true. Now I walk at the beach every day and I discover all sorts of treasures there from the shells that lie on the sand to the peace that lies in my heart.

Chasing those dreams

After nearly 2 decades of being a stay at home mom and 4 decades of dreaming about living at the beach, I gave away or sold most of what I owned, put the rest in a truck, and drove south 1,500 miles to live in a cottage by the sea.

My work is about Zen wisdom

It's about chasing dreams, living large, and creating peace.

It’s a little bit Zen and a whole lotta fun.

It’s about my life by the ocean’s edge and my quest to find peace while walking the beach everyday.

I’m Jackson Dunes, writer, artist, and photographer.

These are my books

I’ve written 6 books: 2 in the Pug At The Beach series, a collection of short stories called Navigating By The Stars, two books of "Island Inspired Poetry" called Sea Glass and Mermaid's Tears, and an as yet unpublished novel set in the fictitious little latitude town called Dolphin Key. All of my books are available on Amazon/Kindle and on Barnes & Noble.

Whimsical paintings

I draw and paint images of a whimsical land in the tropics where dogs surf and birds dance. My medium of choice is Windsor & Newton watercolor half pans, Derwent Watercolour Pencils, and pen and ink. And since my Dad was also an artist, I leave my mark on each of my drawings using the very quill pen he used 50 years ago.

Photographs of the beach

And if that’s not enough creative expression, I also photograph beach scenes in interesting and, at times, unusual perspectives. Most of my photos are taken without fancy cameras, lenses, or lights. These days I choose to point and shoot and if the pictures come out, great. The way I look at it, if I miss one photo op another will surely follow.

You can find me at:

RedBubble (photographs for sale in a variety of formats including: prints, greeting cards, and calendars)

Pug At The Beach * (Pug books for sale via Amazon, Kindle or direct purchase with autograph)

Facebook (Pug At The Beach) Most of my Facebook activity is centralized in the Pug At The Beach account and hardly any of it involves selling my stuff. It’s just a place where I share resources and links I think might be of benefit to other people.

Twitter (Pug At The Beach) I don’t Twitter too much anymore but visiting my Twitter pages will give you a wealth of resources as well as some nice beach photos, all of which are free.

* What is Pug At The Beach? They are short, inspirational stories in which a beach dog shares what he learns about life while walking the beach everyday – kind of like me.

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